Customs agent (broker) may be required by all those involved in cargo transportation abroad.

The broker prepares relevant documents related to customs services, such imports and exports declaring. If you import certain goods, which are subject to declaring, you will need a customs declaration form.

Any delays at customs may result in direct losses for business, therefore, competent drafting of documents is extremely important.

If all documents are duly executed, the shipment will promptly pass through customs control and reach the place of consignment. In case of problems with documents, the cargo may be stuck on the border for long. That is why it is important to entrust preparation of customs declarations to specialists who are competent in executing of all documents in accordance with all the requirements of frequently changing Russian legislation.

CROCUS GROUP provides services of a customs broker who will complete all documents for all the participants of foreign economic activity professionally and within the shortest possible time. 

It is important that we will help you duly execute customs declarations for cargoes from the USA, Japan, China or Europe. We will prevent your cargo from sticking on the border or customs: it will reach the warehouse at a proper time. Timely products supply is the key to the success of any business, regardless of the scope and scale.

The cost customs agent services is determined in accordance with the price list and depends on a set of parameters, including the type of cargo and the country of export.


During transportation, any cargo requires certain escorting, such as marking, repacking, labeling, sorting and so on.

It is better to entrust this job to the carrier who will definitely cope with it.

So, let us briefly describe what these services are for:

  • marking: to prevent your cargo from leaving to another point of the world and facilitate to deliver it to the place of consignment, it is necessary to mark it correctly. It is especially important for multimodal transportation, when several types of transport are involved, in order to avoid cargo disorder when transshipping from one vehicle to another
  • repackaging may be required for certain types of cargo during transportation;
  • sorting: a range of cargoes needs to be assorted in a certain manner, as there are certain requirements of carriers regarding combinations of various cargoes.
    For example, you are not allowed to bring together food, clothing and car spare parts. In case you send goods of different categories in the same lot, they will have to be assorted and repacked.

Our specialists will also undertake the preparation of pieces packages for your cargo transportation.


Loading of goods during its transportation is the most important issue, because the accuracy of loading influences on safety of goods on the way.

To goods loading should be entrusted to a reliable carrier who knows how to operate with goods of various degrees of fragility.

For example, fragile goods are to be packed in a certain container in a special manner. Special extra precautions should be taken as well.

It is also important to bear in mind that in the process of transportation transshipment of goods may be required.

The work connected with loading and transshipment is one of the most difficult and responsible in the field of logistics, because inaccurate loading can result in not only to the destruction of the cargo, but also, for example, the aircraft that is transporting this cargo or damage the railway infrastructure facilities. In addition, sometimes the intermediate link in this chain becomes the storage of cargo in the warehouse, for example, on the way, on the watch for loading to be sent to the next point. It is worth saying that in the process of loading and unloading a special role is assigned to the direct executors: loaders, crane operators, because of their error may affect the safety of the ship, train, car and the entire surrounding infrastructure.


CROCUS GROUP freight forwarding company offers to its customers a customs warehouse for transit cargo with an online system. This allows you to store and convert goods intended for export or import, under customs control free of taxes and duties. Storage period of the cargo depends on its type.

We carefully control the cargo receipt and monitor its declaration, since the storage of goods without the necessary documents is strictly prohibited. In addition, our company guarantees scatheless of the stored cargo and ensures its safety.

Our specialists are entitled to act as customs brokers and represent your interests in the customs authorities.

If you need customs advice, CROCUS GROUP will be able to:

  • determine the HS codes of foreign trade activities;
  • calculate rates of duties;
  • determine the need to obtain certain documents;
  • complete the entire package of documents.

Judge the quality of our warehouse services and the highest service. 

Our managers are ready to answer your questions regarding cooperation. Entrust your property to us and address other business dealing problems!


Warehouse management is carried out with the use of VLM (Virtual Logistic Manager) software. All arriving cargoes are registered, marked, the place of storage is assigned. Operations carried out with cargo and transport, including customs ones, are recorded online. All information is served on our server and is available to customers via the Internet at any time.

This management system allows you to receive the following information in the online mode anywhere in the world:

  • Vehicle data, time of its arrival at the warehouse, time of unloading and loading (in case of cargo export);
  • Transportation documents for each cargo, CMR with a warehouse stamp;
  • Export and transit declarations connected to the European MRD status identification and verification system;
  • Photos of the cargo, its dimensions, weight;
  • Warehouse costs with full details;
  • A complete archive of all the data for the goods departed from the warehouse;
  • Reports for the period of interest on the costs, services provided and the goods currently stored in the warehouse.

The program is very easy to operate, even for a beginning user, who will in as little as 30 minutes of operating be pleased to use full advantage of our software. 

All our clients get free access to the program.