Air cargo transportation by air transport have come into common use long ago and became one of the habitual services. It's simple: this is the most convenient and fastest way to deliver cargo to almost anywhere in the world.

Advantages of this cargo delivery are obvious:

  • It is possible to deliver cargo by airplane or helicopter practically to anywhere in the world, even to inaccessible and remote places;
  • The ability to transport goods with special properties, which shall not be transported by other means of transport;
  • Guarantee of safety of the transported values: air transportation gives the minimal risk of cargo damage or destruction;
  • High speed of delivery and the ability to track the location of the cargo at the moment.

Customers usually choose air transportation for its speed and convenience of delivery. The cargo that can be delivered by sea or by road more than for a week will arrive by aircraft less than a day. And this, perhaps, is the most important thing in air transportation.

However, it is worth considering that due to adverse weather conditions, shipment may slightly be delayed, however, any fog will sooner or later dissipate and the plane will be at the point of destination faster than any other transport.

Our company carries out air transportation on the principle of "door-to-door", which means that our experts will take the goods from your warehouse or your partner's warehouse and deliver it to destination.

Aviation cargo transportation is a guarantee of efficiency, quality and safety!

We are ready to deliver any cargo weighing more than 1 kilogram. In doing so, we will strictly observe all conditions of transportation, taking into account the characteristics of the cargo. Our company has experience in transportation of wide variety of goods, so we know exactly how to transport fragile, valuable and other complex cargoes.

By the way, we are ready to offer our own special containers for cargoes that require especially careful transportation. We will help you to complete supporting documentation, to conduct customs clearance of all loads that need transportation abroad.

If you do not need address delivery, you can pick up your cargo yourself at the airport terminal of destination. To get your goods you will need a passport (if you are an individual) or a passport and a power of attorney (if you are a legal entity).


One of the most universal solutions for the transportation to anywhere in the world is a container transportation. The thing is that all the containers in the world are the same, no matter where the delivery is executed - in the USA, Russia, Germany or the UAE. It gives one undeniable advantage - the transport that carries the cargo is also unified for these containers.

The same container can first travel by rail, then go to another country by plane, and then reach the desired warehouse by road. And the cargo does not have to be loaded into different containers.

You load the container only once, close and seal it and no longer think about it, no matter how it is transported, the cargo inside it will remain unscathed.

The choice of the optimal and THE shortest way of delivery is a concern of the transport company. You or your partners will only have to receive a sealed container and place their signatures on the relevant documents.

This kind of transportation is called multimodal. It is used in all countries of the world, including Russia with its vast territories.

There are different types of containers for certain types of cargo. For example, there are containers with ventilation and an open or canvas top for certain goods which need the correct transportation and storage conditions. There are refrigerated containers for products, which are equipped with special refrigeration units.

You can transport any goods and deliver them anywhere in the world using containers. Due to its versatility, container transportation has gained a well-deserved popularity.


Railway cargo transportation is one of the most popular ways and it is not surprising.

Railway transportation is a reliable, reasonable and convenient way of transportation anywhere in the world. 

The railway network today ensnares all countries of the world, without exception, and the reliability of this system is off the charts. Trains run on schedule and, unlike aircraft, do not depend on meteorological conditions.

The prevalence of this form of transportation made it as cheap as possible.

Why do many people choose rail transportation:

  • it is reliable: the cargo almost always arrives at the destination just in time;
  • it is safe: the probability of cargo damage or its loss is minimal;
  • it is convenient: the goods can be delivered to almost any locality;
  • it is fast: if to say about the speed of delivery, rail transport loses to aviation, but it surpasses all other ways of transportation.

The obvious advantage of rail transportation is the ability to deliver cargo to any destination, from megalopolises to desolated villages. There are stations in almost every locality. And this is an advantage compared to air transportation, because the aircraft requires specially prepared airport that meets the special requirements, especially if it is a large cargo aircraft. They are located only in large cities, but railways does not require additional infrastructure.

If you care about the safety of your cargo and guarantee of its precise delivery to the destination in proper time, your choice is the rail transportation, which will not fail, against everything.


The need to oversize goods is always a difficult issue for customers. Standard containers are not suitable for such cargo; air freight is also unlikely to be suitable.

It is often necessary to disassemble a cargo into parts and transport it in separate parts, but in fact not all cargoes can be divided into parts. Sometimes it is important to deliver to the destination assembled.

Most often oversize cargo is:

  • specialized machinery and equipment (drilling rigs, cranes, excavators, bulldozers and similar aggregates);
  • composite structures (reinforced concrete slabs, metal structures, beams);
  • equipment for the needs of agriculture (combines, threshers, tractors);
  • equipment for construction and road works;
  • swimming equipment (yachts, boats).


The carrier usually selects the way of transportation of such cargo in terms of available vehicles and the possibility of sending the cargo by the transport of partner company.

A complex issue which also falls on the shoulders of the shipping company is developing of optimal route, as not every auto road is able to serve a car with an oversized load. Sometimes the certain areas on the route are needed to be blocked, and it requires approval of the blocking with the traffic police.

In certain cases it is required to implement and support the cargo by using a special vehicle. For example, if an oversized cargo is wider than 4 meters and longer than 30 meters, it falls under the second category or a part of its package protrudes into the oncoming traffic lane. The resolution of this issue requires some training and knowledge of the law in this area, so it is better to entrust it to professionals.


It is not the most pleasant situation when the customer needs to receive loads from several different suppliers. It is extremely difficult to coordinate the timing and delivery method, but there is a solution: consolidated cargo.

CROCUS GROUP has an important and incontestable advantage: their own consolidation terminal in the Baltics.

If you carry cargoes from different points of the world and from different suppliers, but you want to receive them together, just tell us. We will collect the goods from your partners separately, collect them in our warehouse and, when the order is ready, we will deliver it to you. You do not have to take dozens of different loads at different times. You will receive everything at one time and in one place. Like a parcel at the post office. A convenient location of the terminal allows you to deliver cargo instantly both in Russia and in Europe.

We have individual approach to the solution of delivery of consolidated cargo and take into account all wishes of our clients. If you order the delivery of cargoes in our company, you receive the goods clearly in time, and you don't have to waste time getting different cargoes from different suppliers.

Delivery of consolidated cargoes is effective time savings.


This complex term covers a fairly simple solution — the ability to combine different vehicles at different stages of delivery.

Multimodal transportation allows optimizing financial costs, waiting time and speed of cargo delivery. It is beneficial and convenient to use this type of delivery.

The journey of your load may begin in the plane, continue way by ship, then by rail, and arrive to the destination by car. This type of transportation is often used in international transportations, as it allows to calculate the route optimally, to save time of delivery as well as to achieve the most favorable value.

For example, it is impossible to bring a large consignment from the USA or Japan to Russia without resorting to multimodal transport. Transportation by one type of transport is often used within one country or several neighboring ones, for example, from Europe to Russia. However, multimodal transportations can be used within the same country. For example, it is possible to use combinations of railway and auto transport or air and auto transport for transportation of cargo within Russia. Combinations can be different and they are determined individually. Often multimodal transportation is used within a country to save time or money.

So, what are the other benefits of this type of transportation? 

  • responsibility for the transportation lies on the transport company, the customer doesn’t have to think about type of transport , what contractor carries his cargo at the moment. The client contacts only the Manager of transport company and pays for the services in one place. All payments to subcontractors are paid by the carrier;
  • a variety of loads can be carried using the benefits of all types of transport: water, air, rail and road.

When you contact the company to order multimodal transportation you should pay attention to the presence of the carrier's own transport, as well as the number of trusted partner airlines, shipowners, and others. The more partners the company has, the faster your cargo arrive at the destination.